This being the first country we’ve taken the kidlets to I might be kinda bias in my review. That being said.. Fiji is awesome! If there ever was a child friendly island this is it. The people are so sweet & respectful, they really put you at ease.

Kids leaving Oz for the first Time! Dakota 3 yrs Phoenix 3 months.

Kids leaving Oz for the first time! Little D 3 yrs Miss P 3 months.

Upon arrival it was warm & inviting. The greetings were friendly & the smiles flowed freely. From the moment you get on the Fijian airline to the moment you go home every single person you see, pass, meet with, greet you with a big smile & say BULA. Not long after arriving we were saying it too!

Tropical Paradise :)

Tropical Paradise 🙂

We don’t normally go for the big showy resorts but I found a really good Scoopon deal so we ended up staying at a 5 star resort. It included a massive buffet brekkie (the biggest we’ve ever seen) & a massage voucher each. Although it was quite  lovely & we enjoyed our time immensely we both agreed that it was a little too commercial for us personally.

Are we there yet? YES!

Are we there yet? YES!

No matter where you go there is always something going on. Toad races, fire lighting, people creating amazing things with the palm fronds, guitar playing, singing etc. There was never a dull moment & Little D was in his element!

Hermit Crab Racing

Hermit Crab Racing

Before going I did a bit of research & found a hike up to a waterfall that was available through the tour packages at the hotel. It was waaay overpriced & their “fancy” lunch was a simple sandwich. Since we’d hired a car I wrote down some directions that other budget travelers shared online of how to get to the Chiefs hut where you could hire horses for the jungle trek to the falls. There were no signs & it was a long dusty road.. for a while I thought I’d gotten us lost! But we got there eventually. Phew! On arrival they guided us into a communal building where the Chief greeted us & shared a little about their way of life & history then he invited us to join him for a Kava ceremony.

Kava Ceremony

Kava Ceremony

Afterwards they asked if we wanted to walk or ride horses to the falls.. I chose to ride a horse with Little D & DH walked with Miss P in the sling. It was slow going as the tracks were very muddy as we were there during rainy season. The horses always seemed to be on the brink of collapse which made me feel terrible.  And if you ride make sure you’re either wearing long pants or boots.. the stirrups are just rope &  rub your legs raw.

First Horse Ride with Dakota– Biausevu Village

First Horse Ride with Dakota– Biausevu Village

The falls were refreshing after the humid hike, but I am very glad we didn’t fork out  $100 pp that the tour buses were charging as it just wasn’t worth it.  All up for the kava ceremony, horse ride & guide to the falls we paid $25 each & the kids were free!

Our guide told us that Phoenix was the youngest baby they’d seen make the trek. Awesome!

Our guide told us that Miss P was the youngest baby they’d seen make the trek. Awesome!

We love to be busy & explore so next on the list was a boat ride over to Robinson Caruso Island. Little D was thrilled to watch one of the locals climb a coconut tree & hack a fresh one down for him to enjoy.

This is for me Mum!

This is for me Mum!

Phoenix enjoying some too.

Miss P enjoying some too.

We were then called over to hear how they prepared our lunch in the traditional fashion called Lovo. After they removed all the banana leaves & took the food away they asked some hard core islanders over who then proceeded to walk all over the hot coals in the pit! It was horrifying & fascinating all at once.

I dont know how they do it... I'm certainly not game to try.

I dont know how they do it… I’m certainly not game to try.

After lunch they put on a spectacular show.. & in that heat I was very impressed by how enthusiastic they all were.

Good show on Robinson Caruso Island

Good show on Robinson Caruso Island


Fire Dancers. Little D was mesmerized!

Migs joined in on the action!

Migs joined in on the action!

We also had the privilege of attending a friends wedding which was as stunning as the bride is. We hired a meimei (nanny) to watch Little D during the wedding & if I remember correctly it only cost us $10 for 4 hours!

A sunny day-- Fiji 2012

A sunny day– Fiji 2012


Sampling the Kava once again with my new henna design. Not sure what other people felt but all it did was numb my tongue.

I wish I could have put more details on prices, distances, time & the food… OMG the food was to die for. But this is a back post & its hard to remember the details! Will hopefully get better at blogging as time goes by.

Have you been to Fiji? Please tell me your thoughts!

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