I signed up for this course with one thing on my mind.. having a way to help support our family if we decided to live in Mexico permanently. But over the years the plans have evolved, changed and so have we.

Happy to have options!

Happy to have options!

This is where our minds are currently at– why just settle for Mexico? Why not South East Asia too? So this is our travel wishlist. When the kids are a little older after we do the loop around Oz we want to start in India, work our way up to Nepal.. travel overland to Thailand, Cambodia, stop & teach in Vietnam.. then work our way up  through Laos to China to teach some more & eventually end our journey in Mongolia. Dream big right? Why not!

What are your travel dreams?


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I'm a long term traveller, dedicated mum of 2 & passionate about living life full of adventure. I love living my dreams & helping others live theirs as well. I hope you enjoy our informative journey!

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