Dreaming of Doing the Loop

Thoughts about the future come up regularly in conversation between DH & I & something that we’ve wanted to do for some time now is travel around Australia. Ever since I was a kid and watched Bush Tucker Man featuring Major Les Hiddins  I’ve been hoping to explore this amazing country. The points we are focused on the most at the moment are:

1. How are we going to finance the trip? Should we save up a bit then hopefully find work along the way, or save up enough to last us a year on the road?

2. What ages do we want the kids to be when we head out? I’m thinking if we left at the end of 2015 Little D will be 7 & Miss P will be 4 which is good a age as any.

3. Caravan, camper trailer or bus? Currently leaning towards a bus & towing our 4×4 for some hard to get to places where we can off-road to pitch our tent.

What about schooling? The answer to that is simple! Travel-school!

So much can be learned traveling –most of it hands on. And taking our overall plans into account schooling on the road is going to be extremely beneficial for the kids & their future.


Who else wants to explore down under?

Have you done the loop? Camper, caravan or bus.. what are your thoughts?

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Amber Luna

I'm a long term traveller, dedicated mum of 2 & passionate about living life full of adventure. I love living my dreams & helping others live theirs as well. I hope you enjoy our informative journey!

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