Geography & Learning through Cooking

I love traveling, I love talking about traveling & I love inspiring others to travel. Our house has several globes, maps, atlases & our latest find which is this interactive kids map from the National Geographic shop & on sale for only $30! Covering countries, capitals, languages, flags & several games with quizzes. Little D already has his favorites & asks me often “where to next mum?” I love it!

Interactive Map

Within a month of getting it Little D was able to point to any random country that I called out

I have another map on our wall where we each have our own individual colored  pin to show where we’ve been. I searched online quite extensively to find exactly what I wanted & ended up taking the train from Seven Hills to the City to pick it up (an hour ride one way)  Because it was already framed I couldn’t roll it up so picture a massively pregnant lady, with a 2 yr old in tow lugging this thing up & down stairs, changing trains & getting blown away by the wind! That’s how badly I wanted it.


What all the fuss was about. Its above our dining table so its been a great conversation starter with guests & piqued Little D interest in travel from the start.

Since we do a lot of learning as we go & plan to continue our studies at home & on the road I try my hardest to make it fun. If my kids show an interest in something I facilitate it & gather whatever resources necessary to cover the subject that interests them at the time. At the moment its travel & cooking so I’ve combined the two.

Around the World

Having grown up watching the classic ‘Around the World in 80 Days’ I was thrilled to find this book.

When it comes to conversing with Little D about people & places he wants to visit & why it always comes down to the food. Ever since he was a toddler he wanted to join me in the kitchen to help cook. I make food from all over the world but his absolute favorite is Indian, so if you ask him what his favorite country is he’ll tell you India! (He’s never been there) We told him we were going to Mexico & his first question was “will I like the food?” I have made Mexican but nothing quite like what you’ll get over there.

Miss P is also really interested in cooking so they both help me with at least one meal a day & its always a good opportunity for me to discuss what we’re making, which country it originates from, what spices they use & even watching a cooking show based on the flavor of the day. There are soo many ways kids can learn & this is just one of them.

  Please leave a comment—  Where would you like go & why?

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  1. Oooo Amber, Happy to have discovered your blog! Lovin’ it and can’t wait to hear about your Mexico adventure. What a great idea! If you did it last year, I would ask to tag along…cooking and growing veg 🙂 … alas Azure started school this year, so now I’m stuck. Anyways, such an awesome thing to do with the kiddies. Really like that interactive map. Do you know what is the publisher for it? I couldn’t find it searching online. That would be some thing for the Christmas list. Best wishes for your upcoming trip. I’ll be following along with you from here. xo, Katrina

    • says:

      Thanks Katrina, happy to have you here!
      Have you been to Mexico??
      I’m not sure what the details for the map are but if I come across the instruction booklet I will get back to you right away.

      • Only across the border a couple times, though I imagine Mexico itself is very different. Borders are so touristy. I did end up tracking the map down, but the company seems to have discontinued making them. I was able to find a couple floating around online, but they are expensive! You got a steal of a deal.

        • says:

          I came across the instruction booklet today while packing. The company who makes them is called Zanzoon in France. I bought mine in Australia during end of year sales so it was a good price!
          If you wanna check out the website:
          Maybe you’ll find something on there! Good luck!

  2. How is this map holding out for you guys? I have read some reviews that say the ‘voice’ is difficult to understand. Any issues or other thoughts?

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