Alone in Mexico with two kids. Are you crazy?!

These are the questions I’ve heard so far when mentioning our proposed plan for 2014 which is for me & the kids living in Mexico solo for five months. So its Q&A time!

Q: Why are you staying alone?

A: First of all, we dont feel that being married all of the sudden means you can no longer do things individually or think for yourself like you were able to prior to signing the commitment papers. It may be easier but it is by no means your only option as a couple.  In saying this it does not mean I love my DH any less it just means I can, will & must stand on my own two feet no matter the situation. I always have & hopefully always will. The fact that Migs agrees, believes in & supports me means more than you can imagine. Thats my mind on the matter.

The actual reason is this: We own nearly an acre of land in Michoacán & have hoped for some time now to build a house, have a veggie garden & live completely off the grid. Having only been there as single young person many years ago I cant say I am quite ready to move & start this mammoth project unless I truly love the place & want to raise my kids there.
In October 2013 we are going back after six years in Oz to attend his sisters wedding & the discussion came up about checking it out for future living & investment properties. Seeing as the lease is up here in QLD & we’ve already paid the tickets we thought “why not just stay a little longer to get a real feel of the place?”

Unfortunately due to work commitments Migs is unable to stay longer than five weeks which leaves me & the kids on a solo adventure for five months. One of the perks of this idea is the money we’ll (hopefully) save. Australia as I’m sure you’re aware is astronomically overpriced & with us being a one income earning family we feel that alot of hard work is going in without a decent amount of mullah/savings coming out.

Q: Are you scared?

A: Straight off the bat I would say no. But if you mean what worrying thoughts may run through my head then this is what I think about when I imagine life over there:

1. I don’t speak the language. If there is an emergency regarding my kids I hope I’m able to communicate effectively to get the situation under control in time.

2. I have never driven on that side of the road before & I feel a great deal of responsibility in regards to the safety of my kids & whatever passengers I may be giving a ride to at the time.

3. Little D is very independent & doesn’t hold my hand to cross the road. He is extremely friendly & sometimes just wanders off to meet & greet strangers, my worry is that he will get run over or the fact that I haven’t drilled stranger danger enough because I dont want him to fear people as his friendliness is something I want to encourage & cultivate. Its going to take time to find balance.

Q: What are you going to do there?

A: I am enrolling in full time Spanish lessons which will consist of four hours a day in class five days a week. They also offer Mexican cooking classes which I am hoping to attend with Little D one day a week. I’ve looked into some volunteer projects as well so we’ll see what comes of that.  And of course I will be very busy with the kidlets exploring  & learning all about the amazing diverse country that Mexico is. Might even get in some camping.. who knows!

Q: How does your hubby feel about this?

A: He is happy for the kids to discover more about their Mexican background, learn Spanish & the chance for them to meet his family.

That being said one of OUR concerns has been how to make sure the kids have absolute security in our love together as a family/couple & in his love & its entirety for them. Five months can be a long time for little ones & both of us having grown up without fathers its something that we continue to discuss & evaluate to make it as positive for the kids as possible. Currently planning to Skype daily & leaving surprise video messages in the inbox especially for those more emotional days.

Q: Is it safe?

A: That really depends on what your idea of safe is. Do I think we’ll get mugged, kidnapped or shot at? NO!
In every country there are places to avoid, either during the day or at night. It is the same with Mexico.  Stick to the toll roads, dont drive at night in the middle of no where. Dont go out & leave your bag, jacket & personal items lying around at the bar, club, restaurant. Dont leave valuables in your vehicle in plain sight. Etc. Using common sense is key here & I believe we will have no problems.

Q: What will you do with Roxy? (our dog)

A: One of my lovely sisters is going to adopt her for six months. Thanks Jo!

Q: Will you put Little D in school?

A: I did consider this option. I looked into an international school that just opened up in Tulum 60 km south of Playa & I also looked into the private school in town. In the end I think it may be slightly overwhelming for little D to arrive in a new country, no dad, doesn’t speak the language & just drop him off. And for what? Everything can be taught at home or through outings of which I do both. One thing that is on our highest of priorities is for him to learn to read, & if the childcare help comes through like we hope then I am sure he will be given a great one on one opportunity to learn.  And lets be honest.. he’s not even five yet.. whats the rush?

Q: How do you guys survive spending so much time apart?

A: Its true, ever since Migs & I met it seems life has conspired against us. From having first met & saying goodbye for months at a time to Migs getting stuck in NZ for three months due to Aussie paperwork issues & then FIFO (fly in fly out) work for several years.

What it really comes down to is good communication & trust. Of which we have loads. I dont think a day has gone by where we haven’t Skyped, texted, called or sent a pic to each other. Of course we miss each other! But when you make goals.. serious goals then you have to take all that comes with it including the sacrifices. Thats why even in the tiredness, the loneliness, the frustrations we always come back to discuss, reevaluate & continue forward stronger than ever.

Q: Why are you coming back to Oz?

A: Because my DH & the kids daddy is waiting for us! And we hope after so many years of hard work to take a year off & Do the Loop. Five months seems a small price to pay in the overall scheme of things & if it means we get a whole year to travel around Australia together then so be it!

First date back in 2007 at the ..... but that's a story for another time :)

First date back in 2007 at the Teotihucan but that’s a story for another time 🙂

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  1. Thats amazing, I’m not sure how I would have done alone with kids in a different language country, good luck with that… 🙂
    I have always wanted to travel around Australia too, and still might in the future its def a dream of mine, I hope it all works out for you

  2. How fantastic that we get to hear about your journey and all your adventures! You’re gonna do great Amber!!

  3. Katja Theodorakis says:

    RE: ” 5 months alone in Mexico with the kids—-are you crazy?”
    All I can say to that is that it’d be crazy NOT to do it. But that’s just me..probably quite crazy myself:-) All power to you!

  4. I love your story, I admire your bravery, and I aspire to that sort of sense of adventure!

  5. Sounds wonderful, scary and I feel like saying ” You are one awesome woman!” I wish you great success.

  6. Good on you!! You are obviously both very strong people.


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