Its the Simple Things..

-This is a combined post of the last two places we’ve enjoyed in the great outdoors. So much beauty surrounds us & the best thing about it? Its completely free!-

A couple of weeks back we went exploring & came across this little path that led into the bush called Wild Cattle Walk. We didn’t know how far Miss P (22 months) would make the 4.6 km return hike so I made sure to bring the sling, snacks & water. If you haven’t been to Queensland then remember to lather on the Bushmans or you’ll get eaten alive by the midges (sandflies).

Mr Packman.. Miss P NEEDED her baby to come.

Mr Packman.. Miss P NEEDED her baby to come.

The walk is a completely cleared flat path so if you need to bring a stroller its not gonna be an issue. Just allow about two-three hours all up for the walk & chill time. If you have kids that is.

Miss P was the first one in

Yay! The walk was worth it.

As we came around the final bend we were delighted to find this little cove where the kids could explore & cool off. I wasn’t 100% about the crocs .. but there were no signs & we didnt spot any. Phew!

Water & sand.. keeps them happy!

Water & sand.. its the simple things.

A week later my step brother came to visit & asked “can you drive me to Rainbow Beach (720 km return) tomorrow? He offered to pay fuel & camp fees. What would you say? Me? I said YES! I love road trips & any chance I get to take the kids on an mini adventure I’ll take!

Amazing 100 yr old Banyan tree in Maryborough

Amazing 100 yr old Banyan tree in Maryborough.

Luckily the road was clear of traffic & road works so we made good time. Compared to the drive we just did a couple weeks back I was amazed.

a beach

Rainbow Beach!

I don’t know if I got lucky with my happy little travelers or if they’re just acclimatised to long distances cause of the amount of times I’ve said.. we’re going on an adventure! Either way this wanderlust mama couldn’t be more happy.
That night however the gas lamp had no gas & I forgot to charge the camping bed air pump & man was that an epic mistake. It was only halfway full so the whole night I was on the ground & being the heaviest the kids kept rolling on top of me! I think I may have slept an hour.
TIP: Get to know your camping gear.. it may save your life. Well maybe just your nights sleep & over all enjoyment but you get my drift!

"MY" Pete as Miss P fondly duped him had mad a fire & they roasted marshmallows

“MY” Pete as Miss P fondly dubbed him had made a fire & they roasted marshmallows

All in all I’m happy I went. The kids got some quality time with U. Pete & he went out of his way to explore with them. I cherish every moment & this is one of them.

Love sitting under the stars with an open fire & good conversation.

I love sitting under the stars with an open fire & good conversation. Don’t you?

Are you the spontaneous or planning type?

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  1. Love hearing about yr adventurers! Little Miss P. is getting so big! Xx

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