5 simple tips when taking trips to save money in Australia

1. Bring your own food to minimise eating out which is quite expensive. We took a pre-cooked meal that I had frozen & defrosted on the way to heat up for our first nights dinner, canned baked beans, eggs, cereal, porridge, heaps of fruit & veg, noodles, soup, canned tuna, crackers, long life milk, pre-made sandwiches for the drive down & plenty of  snacks.

2. Camping – They always have a public kitchen, toilets/showers & activities for the kids. If your set up is fully off the grid you can always free camp. You can find heaps of good info in the book Camps Australia Wide 7 or the app Wikicamps.

3. Book your trips in low season – The difference in price is quite significant.

4. Water from home – We brought 15 litres  & it saved on buying bottled water which can add up fast.

 5. Pets – ask a friend to watch them to save on kennel fees. Thanks again Alexa!

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