6 Tips to help avoid Montezuma’s Revenge

Otherwise known as travelers diarrhea or the squirts. This subject might make you uncomfortable but if you’re not well traveled then please read on.. it might save you from an extremely common yet embarrassing situation.

1. Don’t order ice! In most places that you would suffer the squirts is a place you can not drink tap water. That being said they don’t always freeze purified water so you may be sitting there drinking a lovely cocktail with nasty little critters just waiting to ruin your holiday.

2. Veggies/salad or that delicious piece of fruit? Can you peel it? If so its a go.. otherwise don’t risk it.

3. Street food. And as much as I hate to say this its true! I love street food but if you’re fresh off the plane then your tummy wont be prepared for not only the onslaught of amazing food but all the bacteria that comes with it. If you cant help yourself then make sure its hot & cooked through especially the meat which helps to eliminate germs.

4. Did you ever spend a whole day being careful then brush & swish your teeth with tap water & accidentally swallow some? Then agonize over what the morning would bring or worse midnight? I have! Save yourself the torment & do your routine with bottled water.

5. That oh so precious purified water that you just paid for that will quench your thirst & save your stomach. Think again! Double check the cap.. is it broken? Does it look glued shut? This does happen so its always good to double check.

6. Avoid dairy products & milk especially if unpasteurized. Better safe than sorry on this one. Trust me.

If all else fails keep Imodium on hand.  Plus wash your hands ALOT.

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  1. E. Adair Boder says:

    Great list – and cannot agree more!

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