9 tips when traveling with kidlets in confined spaces

1. Something that works time & time again is pressie wrapping. Basically you buy 5-10 small gifts & wrap them… sometimes in a lot of wrap which makes it doubly exciting & takes longer. The gift need not be big, just something new for them to play with when they get bored. Getting antsy? Pull out another one. It works like a charm.

2. Do they love to draw/colour/paint? Bring along a small art folder (minus the paints!) Short on space? Download an artist app for the iPad or iPhone

3. Sing a song! Sing a nursery rhyme. Round the garden on their hand, this little piggy on their toes, wheels on the bus with all the actions. You’ll be surprised when the most hysterical of children quiet down with a little singing & comforting touch.

4. Sticker books. Our 4yr old has a dictionary sticker book & our 1 yr old has lots of animals. It keeps them busy for ages.

5. Snacks. Normal snacks & emergency snacks. If you want lollie pops without the sugar rush that comes with it check out your local health food store & get natural ones with honey, propolis etc. Which is yummy & helps fight health issues with their great healing properties.

6. Lots of love, cuddles & interaction. Also try to arrive early so they can explore & discover before being “trapped” get excited with them & stay relaxed. Kids pick up on stress & anxiety.

7. Involve them in your plans, no matter the age. Where you’re going, how long it will take, what transport will get you there, show them a map, talk about the language they speak in the country you’re headed to etc.

8. Load the iPad with games (educational & otherwise) music, movies & cartoons. Absolute life saver!

9. Toys. A little backpack each with some of their favourites.

Have some to add? Please share!

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  1. great list, I always prided myself on being prepared, we did lots of trips with small kids…car rides between Sydney, Melbs and Adelaide and plane trips to and from South Africa and coming here was a 22 hour flight with three plane changes…I always had plenty of brand new mini books and toys plus they had their own backpacks,we a couple little PDA’s that had videos, MnMs and chip packets for emergencys and playdough that they could pull out on their little tables on the planes which they loved plus a notepad and pencils for each, for the plane ride here when Roderick was 1 the tiny tv had a disney mickey mouse channel which kept him occupied, thats an interesting idea to wrap the new toys…I never thought of that xoxox

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