Cacahuamilpa Caverns

Roughly 30 kms from Taxco on a windy mountain road you’ll come to the the main entrance for Grutas de Cacahuamilpa National Park. There is parking on the grass & someone will approach you & ask for payment. Im not sure if this is official as further down & closer to the ticket booth is an actual bitumen car park.

For an extra 50 pesos you can zipline to the entrance!

For 50 pesos ($4.20) you can zipline to the entrance!

There are alot of market stalls, eateries, fresh coconuts & of course the usual hawkers selling torches, necklaces, walking sticks & the yummiest nieves (flavoured snow or Mexican gelato) for 10 pesos. (85 cents) The torches are also 10 pesos but are quite weak. We got them just for fun for the kids. You can bring your own, not much use with it all lit up on tour, but on your walk back when its darkish they might make it more enjoyable.

So refreshing!

So refreshing!

They open the gates every hour on the hour.  On the weekends the tour groups can be quite large. Unfortunately the guides only speak  Spanish so prepare yourself for 2 hours of information you cant understand (unless you speak Spanish of course)

Gorgeous tree growing out of the cliff face

Gorgeous Amate tree growing on the rock face.. roots & all.

Entry costs 42 pesos ($3.50) pp & the guide fee is 27 pp ($2). Kids under 5 are free. We waited in line for about 15 min & during that time I got 22 bites! I’m not sure what the bugs are (pretty similar to what we call midges in Australia) they take a chunk of flesh & for two days after its ITCHY! Remember to bring bug spray!

About to go underground

About to go underground..

Its hot & humid above ground, but under is pretty cool, definitely shorts & t-shirt weather. The walk is easily doable in thongs (flip-flops) but most wear runners. There are some stairs towards the end but nothing that requires too much effort.

The formation they fondly dubbed Lion King

The formation they fondly dubbed Lion King

The only thing that bothered me is in each “salon” the guide lights it up as he talks, but as soon as he’s ready to move on all the lights are killed. So if you were hoping to get pics when everyone moves on forget it! You’ll just have to take them however you can while he talks.

One of the formations

Deep underground

The guide takes you to the end, (of where they allow the public) about 2kms in. Gives one last speech, asks for tips then kills the lights & you then walk back at your own leisure on a dimly lit pathway.

Some of the Stalactites

Some of the Stalactites

All up we were underground for 3 hours. The kids had an absolute ball! Especially on the way back when we walked/ran & explored at our own pace.

Its really quite amazing

Its really quite amazing. The size of the rooms are as high as 81 meters!

Be prepared to get wet in a few places as this a “live” cave & as such groundwater still drips down & rock formations continue to grow.

Here is the Champagne bottle. Used in a Corona ad here in Mexico

Champagne bottle. Apparently used for a Corona ad in Mexico

In regards to bathrooms. There is one next to the ticket booth at the entrance & the next one is 1 km into the mountain, it costs roughly 3 pesos.

Littlest Explorers.

Littlest Explorers.

We only had time to explore the caverns. But apparently there are underground rivers, rock climbing, plus a national park with picnic & camping areas. Definitely would be more than a day trip if you wanted to enjoy all of it.

Pretty water natural water feature with yellow butterflies dancing in the wind
Natural water feature with yellow butterflies dancing in the wind.

Do you love cave exploring? Or is going underground not really your thing?



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  1. Wow, camping underground! That sounds very cool.

    • says:

      I think camping is only allowed in the National Park. Although there is a whole area in the caves the is used for concerts!

  2. Too cool. We all had fun looking at these. When we went in some caves on way home from Dubbo, the guide turned off the light for half a minute while we were down there, so we could see just how dark it was.

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