The Hot Springs of Azufres.. on the COLDEST day in Mexico!

From Morelia just 2 hours away are some natural hot springs. We were on the way to see the Monarch Butterflies & the springs were on the way so we decided to make a slight detour & spend the night Los Azufres

The ??? rive on the way

The Laguna Larga

We took our time enjoying the drive which is through the mountains with beautiful fern trees lining the road.

Dont be fooled by all the steam.. it wasn't that warm!

Don’t be fooled by all the steam.. it wasn’t that warm!

Seeing as its not quite high season yet we found almost every place we passed absolutely devoid of life.
We wanted to stay in the most natural place we could find but most of the hotels we were passing had built around the natural springs & made them look like pools. So we continued on. Finally we came to the very last place on the road & you couldn’t ask for anything more natural or rustic.

Surouned by nature.. perfect after the chaos of Mexico City

After all the hustle & bustle this was perfectly peaceful

Unfortunately they’re also one of the only ones who don’t have a restaurant. Seeing as it was past lunchtime we were starving & had to back track to find somewhere to eat. Fortunately there was a place just 7km down the road.. They just had a few people arrive to eat so had opened the kitchen. Phew!

We enjoyed some Huevos Divorciados (translation: divorced eggs) with hot sauce.. yep they’re really called that!  If your kids aren’t into Mexican food try the Quesdillas, its a tortilla with melted cheese. Ham is an option but that would be called a Sincronizada.IMG_2876

Another problem we encountered is no one has Eftpos or ATM’S! And the closet bank is 25 kms away… not too far if it wasn’t a windy trail. Being the afternoon & the kids dying to play & swim, my DH had to drop us off at the cabin & go find the bank to pay for the room. TIP: Always Carry Cash!

The quaintest little cabin in the woods

Our little rustic cabin in the woods

He originally tried to charge us 815 pesos ($68.35 aud) for the night but DH talked him down to 700. ($58.70)
The cabins were VERY rustic & smelled of fresh pine. The basics are shampoo/conditioner & soap. Thats it! No heating, tea/coffee or internet!

Very basic!

Very basic.

The hot springs smell a little of sulphur (rotten eggs) but we still braved the cold to try them out.. they weren’t as warm as I was expecting & are quite shallow. I was hoping to have a mud bath.. but seeing as DH was at the bank I was holding Miss P.. in hindsight this may of been a good thing tho!

Little D had a ball... Miss P was worried about the mud.

Little D had a ball… Miss P was worried about the mud.

We didn’t last long… it was just too cold! We dashed up to check out the natural sauna.. oh what lovely warmth but Miss P freaked cause it was dark & steamy.
We dashed back to the cabin for a hot shower but the water is  also from the natural springs & stings the eyes.. so beware.

Little D wanted to stay & check it all out... Miss P had other ideas.

Natural Sauna behind the wall. Little D wanted to stay & check it all out… Miss P had other ideas.

After getting all rugged up (best we could.. I wasn’t expecting cold weather) we went for a walk, had a play & enjoyed the peace & quiet after all the loud cities we’d just been in.

Luckily they had this area for the kids

Luckily they had this area for the kids

We walked, ran, I drank some rum that was luckily gifted to me… the kids had hot noodles. In the end it was just too cold… we had to find warmth!

5 blankets, body heat & beanies.. brrr

5 blankets, body heat & beanies.. brrr

That night was spent fully clothed with hats, blankets & Spanish TV.. First thing Little D said when he awoke was “Whoa! Smoke just came outta my mouth!” We packed it up & high tailed it outta there! Fastest time out of our hotel room to date.

Morning after coldest night in Mexico

Of course as we leave its a gloriously warm sunny day!

 Hot Springs.. you love em?

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