Tulum – No wonder the Mayans Chose this Spot!

We love the beach & we love architecture with interesting history. This is by far the most amazing place where those two aspects come together & you cant help but stand in awe.

Templo Dios del Viento -God of Winds Temple

Templo Dios del Viento -God of Winds Temple

When you first arrive at the 70 pesos parking area you may be approached by someone from a little information booth. They’ll give you a map & let you know the cost for entry which is 57 pesos. Kids under 5 & Mexicans are free! Its a good idea to purchase your ticket there as further down at the actual entrance the lines can be horrendous. There are lots of craft stalls (remember you can always haggle) restaurants, bathrooms & these guys (below) who charge 50 pesos  for 5-6 photos.

We aren't normally so touristy but this was Migs last day out.. so we for it!

We aren’t normally so touristy but this was Migs last day out.. so we went for it!

Every hour on the hour The Danza de los Voladores (Dance of the Flyers) do an old ritual. (Wikipedia says: According to one myth, the ritual was created to ask the gods to end a severe drought.) but these days its just performed for tourists. Still awesome non the less.

The music plays the whole time

He plays music the whole time

They start off walking around the pole to the music then 4 guys ascend the 30ft pole & tie a basic knot around their waists. (watch our vid)

Apparently they hand make their own costumes

Apparently they hand make their own costumes

They sit up top while another musician makes the climb. He then sits in the middle & continues to play music. Which goes on for quite some time. Then it starts to turn & they just fall backwards & let themselves spin all the way to the bottom.

I wonder how they handle all the blood rushing to their heads.

I wonder how they handle all the blood rushing to their heads.

The walk up to the ruins is pretty pleasant & easy enough. Although you can take a ride on the train for 30 pesos.

This is the Entrance

The Entrance going through the wall

We arrived at 10:30am & it was pretty packed out. Lots of tour groups taking up the prime spots in front of each site. We just continued on & doubled back after they left.


Great Palace.

When I walk in these places I like to think about who lived there & what kind of life they led. Its fascinating to think that hundreds of years ago warriors were standing in the exact same spot! And apparently Tulum is one the last locations inhabited by the Mayans. Pretty good place to hold out I reckon!

Cant imagine how long this would have taken to build

Temple of the Frescos

The Castle

The Castle

Tulum Ruins

Some of the History

It was a stinking hot day & just as you’re wondering if you’re gonna make it you climb some stairs & as you come over the rise you are treated with a most spectacular sight. The heat & walk are well worth it even just for this beach/view especially if ruins aren’t your thing.

The best way to cool off!

The best way to cool off!

We stopped for a swim & the water was just the right temperature. Not to warm where you can’t cool off & not to cold that its unpleasant.

It really is the simple things that keep the kids happy

It really is the simple things that keep kids happy

One of the ways we kept the kids entertained on the long walk was making a game of counting the many iguanas that are in the surrounding area. Not a single complaint was made as they really thought we were there to “find all the iguanas”

We counted 56 all up!

We counted 56 all up!

Another option they give you at the information hut is two hours on a boat to see the ruins (briefly) from the ocean plus snorkelling in 2 locations. It costs 350 pesos per adult, kids 5 & under are free. Snorkel gear is included. Our guide also pointed out a flat structure which was made for human sacrifice.. shudder.

"The Castle" in the background. Quite a foreboding sight for invaders!

“The Castle” in the background. Quite a foreboding sight to invaders!

Unfortunately due to hurricane Wilma alot of the Mesoamerican reef was destroyed. We did get to see plenty of fish, and an old canon. Just don’t get your hopes up about colourful live coral…

My 4 yr old snorkelling the 2nd largest reef in the world.. happy dance!

My 4 yr old snorkelling the 2nd largest reef in the world.. happy dance!

At the end of the day.. you’ll be starv’n! We were orginally tempted to kick back at one of the restaurants right there on the beach, but a tip from the locals led us away from the touristy area to a wonderful restaurant called El Camello Jr. I haven’t had fish this good since Ethiopia seven years ago!
It’s basically a community cooperative made up of the local fisherman & their families. You might have to wait for a table..but it’s worth it!

I couldn't get enough of the fried fish...it really was that good.

I couldn’t get enough of the fried fish…it really was that good.

 Which do you love more.. Ruins or Beach??

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  1. That water looks really calm. We were there a few days apart from you and the water there wasn’t calm at all. You struck it good! Hope you’re surviving being alone with the kids.

    • ourlunadventures.com says:

      I dropped my sister off there this week & she said the water was not so good with lots of red seaweed in it. Weird how it changes from one week to the next! Im surviving thanks! Visitors are here so that helps.

  2. Amazing views and interesting sights. I think I’d enjoy ruins more, but the kids are always more interested in the beach. It just doesn’t get old for them. When we took a two week trip island hopping in the PI, I was looking forward to exploring these church fortresses that were a couple hundred years old and made out of rock cut from near the ocean that is full of coral and fossils. Yeah, the kids allowed me to stop at two of them and that was it! 🙁 It didn’t help that Hubbs wasn’t too into seeing them either. We did have unforgettable beach experiences on that trip though. It looks like you guys are having a grand time making memories. Good for you! Take care and have fun.

    • ourlunadventures.com says:

      Yeah, its tough when the kids have other plans. My hubby isn’t really into ruins so he offered to take the kids for a swim so I could stroll back after the tour groups cleared a bit. Gonna attempt Chichen Itza this week. We’ll see how the kids hold up!

  3. E. Adair Boder says:

    Looks like an incredible spot to visit. I too, when visiting old castles and such, allow my mind to wander back in time to what may have been – it’s thrilling!

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