Swim with the Turtles in Akumal

This beach deserves a post all on its own. Not only is it gorgeous but you can swim with the Green Sea Turtles & Stingrays for free!

DH pointing the fish out to Miss P

Migs pointing the fish out to Miss P

If coming from Playa its a 30 min drive on the 307 towards Tulum. You’ll see plenty of signs on the way. But its on the other side of the road so you’ll have to make a U turn. Parking is 50 pesos for the day. Don’t have a car? No worries.. you can take a Collectivo (shared van) for 30 pesos.

Little D swimming with the turtles for the first time!

Little D swimming with the turtles for the first time!

If you ask at the stores leading up to the beach if there is snorkel gear for rent they’ll most likely say no cause they want to sell you theirs. But there is gear for rent at 140 pesos in a white building on the beach. Just remember they close at 5pm.
If you’re looking for a cheap set you can pick them up at Walmart. But get it in Playa as there is no Walmart in Akumal!

Its an amazing feeling swimming along side such a cool creature

Its an amazing feeling swimming alongside such cool creatures

If you’re not a strong swimmer not to worry you don’t have to swim out far, the water is very calm & my 5 yr old did it with no problems.

Yes, there are stingrays & yes they're dangerous. Just dont bother them & they wont bother you

Yes, there are stingrays & yes they’re dangerous. Just don’t bother them & they wont bother you

Im not sure what time of day is better to beat the tours. We were lucky to have the ocean to ourselves as it had just rained & everyone had cleared out. And the last time there were only 4 other people looking for the turtles.


Don’t accidentally step on a stingray!

Remember not to touch the turtles! Not only is it forbidden but seeing as they’re endangered & are coming in less numbers every year its important not to scare them.

Seriously cool!


The water is clean & warm, the sand lovely & white, there are restaurants on the beach & beautiful palm trees for shade… What more could you ask for?

Akumal Sunset

Sunset in Akumal

*All photos & vids of the turtles/stingrays were taken by Lewis Beaumont’s with his GoPro. Watch my sis swimming with them!

Is swimming with the turtles on your bucket list?

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  1. E. Adair Boder says:

    You say here that swimming with the turtles and stingrays is free … is access to beaches typically not free in Mexico?

    • ourlunadventures.com says:

      The reason I mention its free is because everything that can be monetised is. So its refreshing to find this still free to the general public.

  2. Wonderful experience! You are giving your kids a rare childhood

    • ourlunadventures.com says:

      Thank you! We are just living life on our own terms in hopes they (the kids) benefit from it all.

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