Our First Aid Kit

I know I can get everything in Mexico. Farmacias (pharmacies) are quite abundant. But if you happen to be in the middle of no where or just can’t be bothered going out to find what you need in a time of need then packing a small kit is gonna save you a lot of stress. Here are my 8 must haves:

1. Gripe Water (12 days in & my 2 yr old already needed it)
2. Normal & spray on band aids
3. Imodium
4. Emergency water purifier tablets
5. Antiseptic cream
6. Painkillers
7. Paw Paw cream
8. Child/baby Panadol

Im also considering adding Calamine lotion to the list. And Im sure it will be a lot bigger when we hit the Outback in Oz… But so far this has been sufficient.

What do you carry in your first aid kit?

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