Chichén Itzá a Wonder of the World

We drove North past Cancun towards Merida & followed the toll roads & signs to Chichén Itzá. Its a 3 hour drive & relatively easy to find, even with detours, small towns & extremely basic signs.

It was an overcast day but its perfect for all the walking you have to do

An overcast day but its perfect for all the walking you have to do.

After parking the car for a small fee we made our way to the front desk. It cost 177 pesos ($14.80 aud) which was a lot less than we anticipated so we decided to hire a guide at 700 pesos. ($58 aud) He led us to entrance & asked what tickets we had it was then we found out we’d only paid the Yucatan State Government fee & still had to pay the Mayan owners archaeological site fee of $57.00 pesos (4.80 aud)

7th wonder of the world

El Castillo. An impressive site but completely roped off.

Unfortunately due to the amount of people who wanted to let the world know of their visit by leaving graffiti at the top & then in 2006 a woman fell to her death so they decided to close it off permanently to the public. (A little tip: some guides will take you inside El Castillo & let you climb it secretly after 9pm for $100 usd.)

Little D mesmerised by all the colours

Little D mesmerised by all the colours.

The first thing you notice is the amount of hawkers, stalls & artisan that line the walkway & it doesn’t stop.. they only get larger, denser, louder & pushier the further you go. Its annoying but you can haggle! Nearly everyone will give you half the original asking price.

An artisit carved this by hand. He also hand painted it.

An artist carved & hand painted the Great Ball Court by hand.

The Venus Platform in the Great Plaza.

I must admit I was a little disappointed at first. The space is very open & immaculate the site has been 50% restored so you dont know exactly which stones are original or fake. It is a spectacular site but I prefer the ruins in Coba as its practically in the state it was found in.

The High Priests Seat

The High Priests Seat in the Ball Game Court

I am very glad we had our guide as he told us really interesting history, why things were built the way they were & some cool tricks you can play with sound in the ball court by either clapping or whistling.

700 meters long

The Ball Game Court

Interesting details: The Ball Game court in Chichen Itza is 170 meters long, 70 meters wide & the stone ring is 7 meters above the floor. One side is the music building & the other side is for the High Priest & was built in such a way that anything spoken down the field would bounce back & he (the priest) would hear every word. Only family of the players are allowed in the court, the rest of the city would have to climb the walls or watch from afar.

Temple of the Warriors Chichen Itza

Temple of the Warriors

And get this the winning Capitan presents his own head to the losing Capitan, who then decapitates him. How weird is that? But the Mayans believed this to be the ultimate honour. The winning Capitan getting a direct ticket to heaven instead of going through the 13 high steps that the Mayan’s believed they had to go through in order to reach heaven.

La Iglesia

The guide gave us more information on precious jewels people wore in their teeth & how the Mayans would wrap their babies heads really tight which would make them elongated. Something to do with being closer to the Gods.. I walked away once he started showing photos of skulls they’d uncovered.

Columns in the Temple of a Thousand Warriors

Little D had a ball running free but wasn’t too interested in most of what the guide had to say.

"El Caracol" Observatory Temple

“El Caracol” the Observatory Temple

The cool thing about El Carcol which is the Spanish word for snail so is named after the winding staircase that rounds the interior of the central tower & was built in such a way that they could view the sky & track the sun & planets but especially Venus.

The Serpent in the Ball Court

We decided to head out around 1:30 & made our way to the Cenote Ik Kil which is a 5 min drive away. A great place to cool off! Try to get there a bit earlier as the tour buses start to pull in around 3:00-3:30 & its just way to overcrowded after that.

An opening at the top & quite a drop down.

An opening at the top & quite a drop down.

Have you visited any Wonders of the World?

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