Exploring Hidden Worlds

My sister Shells & her BF Lewis came for a visit which also happen to coincide with her birthday! We decided to look for something a little more adventures plus she was hoping to check out the club Coco Bongo. While searching online she found a deal for Hidden Worlds which also included tickets to the club with free drinks all night.
All up the cost came to $99 usd. A photographer is assigned to you at the beginning & takes photos the entire 4 hours then sells you a CD for $20 usd pp. Lewis talked him down to $10 bucks pp for 120 pics.. not a bad price.

About to board the rickety ride

About to board our Mayan Hummer

Hidden Worlds is just South of Playa & a little before Tulum. Less than an hours drive. Don’t forget the bug spray!
Going in we were greeted by José who had corresponded with us via email & also had our tickets for Coco Bongo.
The 20 min ride is good fun but crazy bumpy.. my advice is sit up front or stand behind the driver. Once you get to the jungle set up station you’ll find a shop with souvenirs, free lockers, bathrooms & restaurant (it wasn’t open while we were there)

Hidden Worlds

Getting Geared Up

The first ride is a zip-line into the jungle! Real good fun but a little short. I didn’t even make it to the end… The guides told me its because I need to eat more tacos. Ha!

Shells Zip-lining for the first time!

Shells zip-lining for the first time!

The next ride is called Splashdown & involves zip-lining into the mouth of a cave landing in the water! When on the platform  getting hooked up all you can see is a big dark hole with the rock hanging quite low… I wasn’t sure we’d clear it! Our guide Chito said we’d be fine, just to hang our heads back. I hung my head so far back its the first thing that hit the water. After a trial run going forwards we then went backwards! Awesome!

Zip-lining into the water

Shells zip-lining into the water

We got to rappel for the first time as well but the guide controlled the rope to much & only let me down slowly which was rather anti climactic.

Hidden Worlds

My first try at Rappelling

He gave Lewis the opportunity to go upside down. When I questioned him on why he gave only a guy the option he said “most girls refuse” I said-  don’t put girls in a box… I would have done it!


Lewis going upside down like “Spiderman”

After we rappelled into the cave it was time to gear up for snorkelling in the Cenote Cave.

Hidden Worlds jump

Only one way to enter the freezing water..

The water was really cold, but once you got swimming you warmed up.

Hidden Worlds Cenote

Cheese! 🙂

We headed towards what looked like just a wall & watched the guide disappear under it. We followed suit & came up into a really large & eerily quiet cave. There were amazingly enough quite a few fish in there plus bats. The guide gave some info on how old it was & how the stalactites were formed.

You swim under an overhang & voila its a cave.


The next ride was something they call the Zip Coaster & man does it surprise you! The drop is so fast & sudden that even if your not a screamer this will make one burst out of you. I enjoyed this one the most!

The Zip Coaster is freaky fun!

The Zip Coaster is freaky fun!

After that it was time for a chilled ride on the Aero-Cycle above the jungle canopy. Its really meant for pleasure not an adrenaline rush & I must admit it was really peaceful & fun to be so high & view the jungle from another perspective. We’d heard that big cats had been sighted in the area.. I was hoping to catch a glimpse.. but all we saw was a snake catch a woodpecker for lunch. The poor thing didn’t stand a chance.

happy to be back in the sunshine

happy to be in the sunshine

Later that week we went to Coco Bongo, I didn’t know what to expect as I’d never heard about the place. We ended up waiting in line for nearly an hour & got in just before the show began. Its quite small, built upwards & the only space to dance is on the bar. The show goes all night till about 4am & is very well done if that’s your kinda thing.

Going out for a night on the town

Going out for a rare night on the town

You can watch a small video I took on our YouTube channel.

Phantom of the Opera

Phantom of the Opera

What’s your preference… Adrenaline or Chilled?

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  1. I’m jelly! Such great adventures. It’s very cool you are making time for these wonderful family memories. Safe stay Amber and kiddos.


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