I found Love in Mexico

Seeing as its Valentine’s Day & that I find myself in Mexico and my hubby is in Australia I thought I’d take the opportunity to write how the two of us met. It all happened in April 2007. I was 6 years into travelling & was at the time spending 6 months in the USA to host seminars & raise awareness of the problems in Africa.

Riding an Ostrich in South Africa

Riding an Ostrich in South Africa

While I was in Chicago, my Dad travelled overseas to visit some family in Mexico. It had been years since I’d last seen them so I decided to pop down for a visit. It was during our mini family reunion that I met Migs who happened to be good friends with my sister. She had invited him over one evening and that is how we got talking.

On the train to

On the train to Teotihuacan

I was 25 he was 26, I’d been all over the world, he’d never been on a plane. I was a volunteer… so was he… and so it went. My family had to depart after 7 days but I still had 3 days to kill in Mexico so I asked Migs if he wanted to come with me to Teotihuacán. We spent the next three days exploring his amazing country. When my time came to return to the States we promised to stay in touch. Three months later my visitors visa was up so I headed for La Misión (a beach town south of the Californian border) & I asked him if he wanted to meet up. He said yes & took his first ever flight to come see me.

Cant fight what's meant to be.

Cant fight what’s meant to be.

We spent a week in La Misión, hitch-hiking, exploring, swimming, drinking too much, talking till dawn & slowly falling in love. And that was it.. I knew I had found the ONE. So upon my return to LA I said my good byes & went to Mexico for three months. One of those months was spent volunteering in the kitchen on another project Migs was a part of so I spent time with him daily while we made plans.
First time in Australia

First time in Australia

When that stint was done I returned to Australia & he came to visit me for a month… that month turned into 6 years & here we are happily married with 2 kids & spending Valentines 8918.5 miles apart.

Us 2013

Us 2013

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  1. I love this story, you two are the best and sweetest couple ever, I almost couldn’t believe it when I heard it but also found it amazing ha, funny how we both knew each others hubbys before the other 😉

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