Life in Mexico with 2 Kids while The Man is Gone.

We’ve just hit 3 months in Mexico without the kids dad & my other half.
When we first talked of doing this I thought 5 months would be a breeze. I’d spent nearly 5 yrs with a FIFO (fly in fly out) hubby & knew all to well what it meant to be alone with 2 kids. Only this time I’m taking on a new country that is literally thousands of miles away from everything & everyone I know.

So how are we faring? Not too bad thanks. I have my moments & so do they but as long as I snuggle & reassure them a whole heap we are pretty much ok. Luckily my kids are pretty easy going & have a good sense of adventure.

Here are my 5 pointers to not only survive but also thrive without your man & the father of your children.

1. Stay Busy: I can’t emphasise this enough. I know its harder without your other half but that doesn’t mean its impossible. Swim, hike, explore, do crafts, research their interests online, make cubbies, wrestle, have tickle wars, movies with popcorn… the options are endless.


Exploring Coba

2. Stay in Touch: Our time difference has really screwed with us so if  Skype doesn’t work leave a video message. The kids love waking up first thing to a live message from their dad.

Skyping Daddy for Christmas.

Skyping Daddy for Christmas.

3. Stay Positive: Things could be worse. You never know what you’re capable of till you’re thrown in the deep end & its only then you realise you’re stronger than you thought.

Little D & I enjoying the moment.

Little D & I enjoying the moment.

4. Remember: Why you’re doing this, what the end goal is & then make a point to stick to it. Don’t lose hope.

5. Enjoy Life:  Have drink (or two) at the end of the day, take a bath or read a book. You deserve it.

Mango Margarita!

Mango Margarita!

I’ve heard on numerous occasions how brave I am, how strong I am etc for taking this trip alone.
But all I can think of is how brave Migs is for trusting us, how strong he is to go without seeing us, how amazing he is for working so we can live this dream/goal & how supportive he is.

To all the single mums & dads out there that do this full time… I salute you!


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  1. You’re much braver than me! I couldn’t go more than a day or two without my other half. Well done you!!!!

    • says:

      Thanks Bethaney. Its not easy! I have to constantly remind myself why we’re doing this. Two months to go…

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