Things to do In & Around Playa del Carmen with Kids

Xcaret: A fantastic adventure park that could keep you entertained for 2 days. With over 40 activities for all ages its not something you wanna miss. Four & under are free but if your kids are taller than the measuring stick you’ll end up paying if you don’t have ID to prove their age.

Heading in for a full day of fun!

A full day of fun!

The Beach: So many fantastic spots to sit & chill while the kids run around, play, swim or build sandcastles. A kite would be a great idea on windy days.

Making sand men (instead of snowmen) and swimming with the fish

Making a sandman (instead of a snowman) and swimming with fish

Also right behind Senior Frogs (where the ferry goes to Cozumel) is a volleyball net & trampoline.


Hours of fun for free!

Cenotes: The kids & I cant get enough of these wonderfully magical swimming holes. Each one has their own unique charm & plenty of fish that like to nibble your toes.

Gran Cenote

Gran Cenote

Indoor Activities: If its raining or just plain hot head over to Plaza Las Americas. You’ll find a Cinema & game centre which has a small bowling section as well. Also there’s an awesome indoor playground for just 55 pesos an hour ($4.50). You have to wear socks but they’ll sell you a pair for 10 pesos if you don’t have any.

Its really big & so much to do for kids of all ages.

Its really big & so much to do for kids of all ages including dress ups & painting!

Outdoor Playground: A very clean & safe park set in a lovely location overlooking the beach. Its located on 5th & Juárez. Right next to the big white church. In the afternoon/evenings  you can also watch the Danza de los Voladores in the same area.

A beautiful park.

Perfect Spot

Plus right after they have a play you can grab a cup of fresh fruit for only 20 pesos.

A healthy treat

A healthy treat of mango, coconut, rock melon, watermelon, papaya & jicama.

Strolling 5th Ave: A really nice & very long walking street filled with eateries, shops of every kind & the occasional monkey, iguana or lion cub. The locals don’t encourage getting pics with the animals but the kids still get a kick out of seeing them. My 5 yr old also had a ball taking photos of absolutely everything.. I love seeing the world through his eyes.

Little man in Quinta Avineda on a rarely un-crowded day

Little D in Quinta Avenida on a rare un-crowded day

Little D's pic of colourful ceramics

Little D’s pic of colourful ceramics

You can also pay for a Fish Spa if you’re not heading out to the Cenotes.

A slightly weird sensation

A slightly weird sensation.

Hidden Worlds:  If your kids are a bit older & love adrenalin then this is the place for them.

Zip-coaster was my fave!

Zip-coaster was my fave!

Visit the Ruins: So far we’ve checked out Chichén Itzá one of the 7 Wonders of the World.  Tulum a fascinating place where Mayan architecture meets the Caribbean & Coba which is practically untouched & set in the jungle.

To bad you cant climb it any more.

To bad you cant climb it any more.

Swim with the Turtles & Stingrays in Akumal:  This has been an all time favourite for us. Sea creatures in their natural habitat + a perfect beach they haven’t monetised yet so its still completely free.

Absolute wonder

Absolutely wonderful

Isla Holbox: Roughly a 3 hour drive from Playa  you can catch the ferry to an awesome island!

Checking out the rustic boat.

Checking out the rustic boat.

Horse Riding: I can highly recommend Rancho Baaxal  for a lovely ride through the jungle to the beach. Very friendly & professional. Plus they are doing a good deed with all their horse being rescued from abuse & neglect.

One of my absolute favourite things to do.

One of my absolute favourite things to do.

El Arbol: Is a lovely little place with lush green gardens, activities for kids, play equipment scattered throughout & a community market on Wednesdays with a variety of  home-made food ranging from fresh bread, Indian curries, handmade Italian sausages & Argentinean empanadas, plus jewellery, crafts, soaps, delicious chocolate & so much more!

The cute entrance

The cute entrance

Flea Market: If you’re a bargain hunter like myself you should check out the Flea Market held on Sundays in Colosio. Its not artisan or souvenirs… more like second hand items from peoples homes. Luckily I found a stall with gorgeously colourful (new) serapes & scored them at a fabulous price.

Got a few different colours/patterns & MUCH cheaper than on 5th.
Got a few different colours/patterns & MUCH cheaper than on 5th.

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  1. Love it! Looks like there is so much to do with little kids. Free trampoline near the beach? Sold!!!!

  2. I am heading there soon so I love all your great things to do posts! Revives my excitement about it!

  3. Reading this again now that we are here!!!

  4. Kathleen Logan says:

    Really appreciate your suggestions! You may want to read up on the poor treatment of the animals on Quinta Avenida though. The locals that don’t suggest photos have very good reasons. These animals suffer greatly so that these people can make a buck off of tourists. Better to not suggest at all in my opinion. As a mom myself though thank you again for the great ideas I look forward to using!

    • Amber Luna says:

      I absolutely agree with you Kathleen. I did read up on it & spoke about it with the locals & that is why we didn’t take pics of or with the animals or pay their handlers for anything.
      The kids being 2 & 5 yrs didn’t really understand the situation even though I explained it to them & were of course excited to see the baby animals even under those circumstances.


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