Sick in Mexico

It’s pretty easy to visit the many doctors that are in Mexico. The difficult part is making sure they’re properly certified. Check with your travel insurance company & get their input on which hospitals/doctors are legitimate. Or ask someone you know for a referral.

Little D at the Docs

Little D at the Docs


  • Call & make an appointment at a doctors office for a 500 peso (aud $42) consult. It’ll be a wait but you can see the doc for as long as you like. Be sure to find out if they speak English as you may need to take a translator with you.
  • The other option is going to the pharmacy (farmacia) AHORRO where they have physicians on site between 9am-2pm & 4pm-9pm. Just call ahead to double check as sometimes if they’re open in the morning another one down the road will do the afternoon shift. Be prepared to wait but its free.

MEGA TIP: You can call the drugstore/farmacias YZA or AHORRO to bring what you need to your house/hotel & delivery is free. Just pay a tip or if its really far they might ask for a 5% – 10% tip.

They are literally everywhere.

They are literally everywhere.


  • There are public hospitals you can use for free but be prepared to wait a very long time. A friend here said they open at 8:30 but lines of people will already be waiting from 5:30am.
  • You also have the option of a private hospital if you’re ready to fork out some serious money. Of course if you have travel insurance then that shouldn’t be a problem.

If you need a phone number call 040 which is the directory. 

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  1. Two years ago we went to the town doctor at 9:30pm and had a consult, examination, and three prescriptions for only 350$ pesos 🙂 On a side note, she was well over a 104 degree temp and I was worried. I did research the meds when we returned to the house to find out that was banned from numerous countries so we skipped that one!

    • says:

      Wow, that’s great! Where abouts? I think Playa is very expensive. I also wanted some pain killers for a headache & googled one of the ones on offer & didn’t end up getting it cause the side effects were worse than the headache!

      • We’re here in Tlaxcala, just north of Puebla and everything seems to be cheap here from what I’m hearing. Our weekly food budget for 4 people is only $100 which doesn’t stretch as far as you get towards the tourist areas I hear. We are headed out on a long road trip around Mexico in May but I think you guys will be gone by then, right?

        • says:

          Ah, we went through Puebla on our trip. We drove around Mex for 4 weeks before staying here. Which is the 2nd most expensive city in Mexico. Yes, we’ll be gone at the end of April. How long do you plan to travel around?

  2. Hey Amber,
    We met in Playa about a year ago (maybe 2?) at Solexico. Glad to see you and the family are off on adventures. I had to visit the foot doctor in Playa while there. It was an amazingly good experience. It was a private clinic. They saw me within a few minutes, gave me some anesthetic injections, performed some minor surgery on my toe, bandaged me, and had me out of there in under an hour. Not rushed though. Total cost was $34 USD.

    I’ve been dragging my kids across the US, Mexico, and Canada for a few years now. Just returned yesterday from a month long circumnavigation of the Yucatan peninsula. Planning on taking a round the world cruise when they are a couple years older. I’ll keep in touch. Would be awesome to see the kids swap travel stories. Grown ups too I guess 🙂

    Good luck in all your travels!

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