Is Mexico Safe?

I had the exact same question when considering our plan to visit Mexico for 6 months & maybe live there indefinitely in the future. I read everything I could find online, I watched news reports & wrote several people I knew living in Mexico asking if it really was safe.
This isn’t a professional gathering of stats it is simply my opinion after spending 6 wonderful months there with my kids.

Road Trip in Mexico

What we covered in 5 weeks with a 4 & 1 yr old.

We (hubby, me & kids) started in Mexico City & spent 5 weeks travelling through 14 different towns. We drove during the day, we drove at night, we drove the toll roads & we drove the free roads. We ran out of petrol, nearly hit a cow, got stuck in an underground carpark and ran into strangers houses for emergency bathroom breaks.
Time & time again we found people were lovely, friendly & very helpful. Not once did I fear for our lives.

Monkeys came to our place 4 times!

Monkeys came to our place 4 times!

After my DH left for Oz I stayed on with the kids in the Yucatan for 5 additional months. I kept up the long drives exploring every inch of the place. We went out at night,  met new people, swam in 6 amazing Cenotes & had a fabulous time learning Spanish & trying new foods.
I was cautious & made conscious choices in regards to all our decisions. Get to know your area, ask the locals for input, use common sense & let the beauty of Mexico take you on a ride you wont soon forget!

Exploring Tulum

Exploring Tulum

I like how they put it here:
“Every city and country has places that are safe and dangerous. Mexico is no exception. The areas that are dangerous should be avoided. And those that are safe should be enjoyed and celebrated.”

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  1. Great adventure and beautiful pics. Looking forward to Dakota’s interview.

  2. I bet there are a lot of people that would be interested in hearing about the cost of living on this trip as a reference point when planning their own trip. Like, how much the rental cost, driving around to the different sights and activities, food, etc. I always like reading these details. Wonderful posts and adventures from your stay in Mexico!

    • says:

      Hi Katrina, yes that post was planned! Working on it now that we have some time. Thanks for your input & ideas.

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