Two Wildlife Parks in South Australia

Australia is famous for its Kangaroos, Koalas, Emus, & a beautiful array of Birds. So of course when visiting you must take time to get up close & personal with these iconic creatures.

Gorge National Park: 

Roughly 40 min (if you don’t get royally lost like we did!) from Adelaide is a really fun animal park. I paid $15 bucks, Master D (5 yrs) paid $9 & Miss P (2 yrs) was free.  Feeding the animals is the best part so don’t forget to buy some pellets at $2.50 a packet.

Something we love about this Park is that 3 times a day you get to hold a Koala at no extra cost! My little man was very lucky to get a chance holding one as they have set height restrictions.. but after some persuasive  pleading with the handler we got our wish!

Mr D holding Cloe

Master D holding Chloe.

Miss P on the other hand had an absolute ball running around feeding everything.

Fearlessly leaning in to share her cookies.

Fearlessly leaning in to share her cookies.

Something unique about this park is that not only can you see/feed a heap of  animals but there are also lots of albino kangaroos & wallabies.

Albino Kangaroos

Lazing in the sun

So far this is the only place we’ve found albino creatures. If you happen to find yourself here, don’t forget they love a good neck scratch!

Albino Kangaroo

So happy for my kids to have such a special opportunity.

It also has a lovely kids petting area. But be prepared, the goats can be intense! Grabbing everything, jumping on you &  even chewing my boots!

Acting like they haven't been feed in ages!

Acting like they haven’t been fed in ages.

 Cleland National Reserve: 

This one is bigger, closer, busier & pricier. I paid $22 bucks, Master D paid $11 & Miss P was free.

Also filled with lots of animals.  Here you can pet the koalas at 2 set times a day & for an additional $30 bucks (too rich for my blood) you can hold one while getting a professional photo.

Starting with the small ones & working her way up.

Starting with the small ones & working her way up.

One thing about this park is that its quite informative. There are signs at each enclosure giving some really good insight into the animals you are viewing & throughout the day the handlers give a presentation while feeding the animals.

Curiously checking out my camera

Curiously checking out my camera

I found after viewing them all that although the Red ones are very impressive & the Brown ones sweet the Grey Kangaroo is my absolute favourite.

So soft & with the prettiest ears.

So soft & with the prettiest ears.

In this park the Emu’s roamed free & were just as hungry as the rest. Just walk up slowly as they scare easily.

Holding his hand so very flat.

Trying to hold his hand so very flat.

Check out the cutest little Joey peeking his head out curiously. Did you know that a Mama Kangaroo can pause the birth of her second  joey till the first little Joey has moved out?

So darling.

So darling.

The animals are well accustomed to people & are very patient with small children, which is lucky for us because by the end of it Miss P was rolling on top of them!

If possible try and visit both parks as each one has something special that the other doesn’t. Of course if you had to choose between the two & prefer larger parks with more variety then Cleland would be the go.

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