Seven FREE things to See & Do in South Australia

Morialta Falls:

An absolutely stunning walk just 15 min drive from Adelaide City. With three trails to choose from easy to intermediate. You can easily make the first waterfall with a stroller. We made it as far as the 2nd waterfall with our 5 & 2 yr old. It was a beautiful winters day & with the recent rain the waterfalls were gushing. Unlike a few years back when it was little more than a trickle.

Little D is pretty thrilled

Little D is pretty thrilled with the first falls

Don’t forget to look up occasionally… you might see koalas! We did.

A view of our walk around the  second falls.

A view of our walk around the second falls.

We had a ball at the second falls walking down through the bush past the fence for Master D to get right up close. This is but a small portion of what we were seeing.  It was wild & majestic.

climbing down close..

climbing down for a closer look. His favourite part of the day

There aren’t any shops & we didn’t find drinking water on the way. So bring a big bottle & some snacks (especially if you have kids).

A bright & beautiful enclosure

A bright & beautiful cave

All up we hiked for about 3 hours at a leisurely pace. Very happy we brought the backpack for Miss P because she needed a few breaks & it was easy for us to continue with her just enjoying the ride.

Fantastic colours all around

Fantastic colours all around

Food Trail: 

We did the kids food trail but adults will enjoy it equally as well as there are spots to stop & do some wine tasting. (there is also an adult food & wine trail if you don’t have kids)

Also if you like German food there is a cute little town called Hahndorf where you can stop for lunch. Although I did recently chat with a German girl last week & she wasn’t very impressed with the small selection of authentic german food & half of it spelled wrong on the menu.

But if you’re a fan of German sausages, pretzels, sauerkraut, potato salad & of course BEER then this is the place for you.

some fabulous old stuff

old heritage pieces line the road in some places.

We made it to kids chocolate heaven. With different rooms where they could view the sweet making process with containers left out for tastings. We spent the most time in here as they also had a little area set up for resting &  a colouring space for the kids.

A damn good lot of chocolate


Im an absolute cheese (and wine) fanatic so of course I was pretty thrilled to see a tasting cellar right next to the chocolate factory all hand made locally & the owner also offers cheese making classes… for the right price of course.

This was more for me..

The triple cream brie was to die for. Seriously.

You can download & print a map of both the kids & adult trails here.

Botanical Gardens: 

A beautiful place to chill, have a picnic, stroll the grounds & learn about the flora & fauna. With free guided tours at 10:30am daily. We spent several hours on a warm winters day.. Spring came a week early for us. Yay!

Loved seeing a pond with a glass loop to see the building on the other side

Loved seeing a pond with a glass loop to see the building on the other side

The Bicentennial Conservatory was pretty impressive & is the largest single span conservatory in the Southern Hemisphere. The kids loved the walkway leading through.

A whimsical spot to stop for lunch.

A whimsical spot to have lunch.

Learning about the waterlilies with a biology lesson on signs around the pond, checking out the fish & convincing Miss P that no, it was not ok to take the lilies home with us.

A very warm & descriptive area about water lillies from near & far

A very warm & descriptive area about water lillies from near & far

St Kilda: 

There are seriously A LOT of playgrounds in Australia & this one is really fun with heaps of massive slides, 2 flying foxes and much more! A bit of a drive but worth it. Most people came with crates to sit in or sacks to aid in flying down faster.

Widest slide & most came prepared with a crate or rag to fly down on.

Widest slide

What fun is it if we don't get a turn?

What fun is it if we don’t get a turn?

Three different slides & sizes in one spot

Three different slides & sizes in one spot

 Adelaide City Museum:

I will write this post in more detail. But for now I highly recommend this  museum. Especially if you’re interested in the indigenous people of this country & those of the surrounding islands. Plus a whole floor dedicated to animals from around the world.

Ready learn!

Ready to learn!

The only thing that  cost was 2 bucks to make the dino roar.

Master D's favourite part.

The kids loved making the T-rex move.

Bike Riding:

Free Bike hire with amazing bike paths all along the beach & Torrens river. All you need is some valid photo ID to borrow them.

Free Bike Hire in SA

Free with helmets included

The path leads from the beach, past the river & all the way into the City.

Biking by the Torrens River.

Biking by the Torrens River we stop to feed the horses

 School Holidays: 

If you’re in Oz during the kids school holidays you can sign up (or just show up) in any major shopping centre or mall for plenty of crafty fun ranging from jewellery design, monster making with Australian flora & fauna, donut decorating, reptile shows & heaps more.

His little Monsters

His little Monsters

You can also contact the local Botanical Gardens & Museums to be put on an email list where they inform you of the school holiday programs.

Some giant bubbles for the kids to catch in Glenelg.

Some giant bubbles for the kids to catch in Glenelg.

So even though Australia is ridiculously overpriced there are plenty of FREE things to do that make up for that. This is but a few.

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