The Giant Rocking Horse

We decided to drive to Gumeracha to check out The Giant Rocking Horse last weekend. Its a beautiful drive through the Adelaide hills and not only is it a huge Aussie icon but it also has a small wildlife park & is connected to a wonderful toy factory as well.
Apparently this Rocking Horse which weighs 25 tonnes and is over 18 metres tall is the largest in the World!
Its climbable for 2 bucks & you get a completion certificate at the end.

Giant Rocking Horse

The small pony brings as much joy as the big one.

The kids were pretty excited about climbing inside and even though the passages leading up were quite narrow & steep of course Miss P wanted to test her new found freedom & had to go at it herself. Daredevil.

Climbing the giant horse

Up we go!

It goes up 3 levels & the kids made it to the top for a quick peek at the surrounding scenery. Miss P wasn’t too keen on staying up there so my snap of them is pretty lame. How does one keep a 2yr old still long enough for a pic?!

Peeking over the top for 2.5 seconds.

Peeking over the top for 2.5 seconds.

We brought along  a picnic lunch and found a lovely shaded spot next to a small playground. After that we headed to the wildlife park in the back (access is through the toy store)  where you can pay $1.00 for entry & $2.00 for a bag of pellets.


Very friendly Alpacas

Its a dry Aussie bush setting & the animals are all together in the same area roaming freely. I loved all the peacocks, their colours contrasting  beautifully to the dusty enclosure.

Several beautiful peacocks bringing colour to the dusty enclosure.

I could happily have one in my yard.

We hung out there for a while chatting to a talking Corella named Lewis, feeding Big Red the kangaroo & finding a nest filled with duck eggs. The kids favourite part was when the goat tried eating all the pellets & paper bag too!


“She wants the whole bag, mum!”

I photograph the signs we come across  everywhere we go so we can remember the details years down the line. And detailed ones that particularly interest me are captured for later reading. Like I said.. how does one keep a 2 yr old still? Ha!

Sign of the bush park

19 types of animals to interact with.

By the time we finished feeding and petting the animals the place was getting pretty packed out so we didn’t stop in the toy shop/factory which is a pretty cool store with a majority of the toys being made of wood.

I love these kinds of signs

I love these kinds of sign poles

All in all its only a 40 minute drive from the city, its cheap & a whole lot of fun!

Whatta ya reckon

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  1. so awesome, I loved that place, there was one of those cool signposts on the mountain near the campground we stayed at 🙂

  2. Great to see! I was taking kids up there before you were born Amber. I’ll have to find my photos. We lived about 20 minutes away.

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