The Luna Bus

It’s here! Finally. I first posted about our dream of traveling Oz roughly 19 months ago & now here we are. Its a reality!
We’ve been hard core looking for a bus for about 6 months. Luckily this popped up just as we were thinking we’d never find one.

Isn't she a beauty?

Isn’t she a beauty?

We called the owner, had a mechanic check it out & 2 days later Migs was on a plane to Sydney picking it up!

Our 1994 Nissan Civilian has incredibly low km for its age. It’s 23 ft & completely white on the outside. The inside was ingeniously designed with keeping it as light as possible so it can be driven on a car licence. The main overall colour was blue/grey & a bit outdate so its been a whirlwind week of renovating.

Painted, added wall paper, made some curtains & hung up some pics.

Painted, added wall paper, made some curtains & hung up some pics.

Luckily I found some beautiful peacock coloured material on sale & bought 20 meters to make new curtains. Mum whipped out her sewing machine & taught me how to use it! To finish it off I made some tie offs with shells.

I love the colour!

I love the colour!

We took down the shower curtain & frosted the windows. A very simple process once you get the hang of it.

Cheap frosting roll for only $9 bucks

More space & no one can see in.

Put in a brand new shower & new knobs on the bathroom cupboard.


3 setting shower spray

The fridge is in perfect working order so no need to upgrade. Just decided to paint the door with chalkboard paint. Now I can bear to look at it 🙂

A little chalkboard for the kids

Also good  fun for the kids

Lightened the whole bus up by painting & adding some beautiful wall paper to the indents. Will see how long it stays white after my two grubby beach bums take over!

Miss had a ball joining in on the fun

Miss P had a ball joining in on the fun


Cheap effective & lovely

Then got rid of all the cardboard & re-lined the drawers.


A fair amount of drawers to work on but looks brand new!


Next on the list is laying some new floors.. Im looking for distressed wood(like) panels. We are keeping the price down on nearly everything by doing it ourselves. So far the cost of reno’s is this:

1L Paint  $20.00
Masking tape $7.00
Paint Brush $11.65
Sanding sponge $1.40
10 metre roll of Wallpaper $59.95
Wallpaper Adhesive $18.95

Drawer liner x3 $14.95

Chalkboard Paint $13.50

20 metres of cotton cloth $160.00
Thread x2 $11.95
Cotton Rope $2.50
Shells $5.00
Glue $4.00

Shower $45.00
Frosting $9.00
Door knobs $3.00

Life is better at the beach house  $4.00
Sandy toes & salty kisses $6.00
Frame $29.00
photos $3.40

TOTAL: $430.25 (Aussie bucks)

With heaps of  materials  left over.

Our three biggest expenses are gonna be the new chair (required by law) for the kids that has anchor points integrated in the frame. The security screens & toilet.
Can’t wait to have them installed so we can hit the road!

UPDATE: 23/12/2014

I laid the floors. It took a fair amount of time & effort but we are very happy with it!

Vinyl. Feels & looks like wood.

Vinyl. Feels & looks like wood. Hardwearing & waterproof! 

We also had the security screens installed. I feel completely secure now & it also keeps the flies/mozzies out.

Very strong Alu-guard

Very strong Alu-Gard

We’ve already hit the road & after the initial nervousness at learning how to drive a manual bus its now getting easier!

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  1. so totally awesome!!!

  2. This is a dream come true – not only for you guys but for so many others as well who only wished they could do the same! Well done!!
    Just wondering here though – There are (I am guessing) the two front seats – where do the seats for the kids go?

    • Amber Luna says:

      Thanks. Anyone can do this if they truly want to. All it takes is hard work & determination.
      The bus has 2 seats at the front for driver & rider. The dining table behind those has the 2 seats for the kids.

  3. What amazing job you did renovating the bus! So cool. I love it. I’m so happy you finally found THE bus!!!!

  4. Wow wow wowzers!! What an awesome transformation, you’ve done a great job Amber and some really creative ideas too! I love the chalkboard on the fridge and the wallpaper on the doors 🙂 Are there any pics of the floorboards? xx So proud of you!


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