Learning to Drive a 23ft Bus

When we got the bus I was over the moon. We finally had a way to do The Lap & I couldn’t wait to jump in & go. But I didn’t even sit in the driver seat until I’d done a fair amount of reno’s.
Do you know why? Because deep down I was nervous as hell. I hadn’t driven a stick shift in over 6 years & even then it was only briefly & in a small car. I was seriously worrying that I’d finally gotten in over my head. You see I’ve done many things over the years that makes me seem brave to others. But I don’t feel that way.
People ask me “do you ever feel fear?” Why yes, yes I do.. maybe not in the same way as others but I most certainly feel fear. I just don’t allow it any place in my life.
So one night after much procrastinating I nervously jumped in the drivers seat & gave my first lesson a go. A little word of advise to my future self… dont ask hubby to teach you. It doesn’t end well. Haha!
I made it 30 min without stalling *fist punch* then out of no where bikies came swarming all around me going 80km an hour instead of the signed 50km & that was it, I lost my resolve & moved over for Migs to drive us home.

I can do this

I can do this… right?!

Discouraged with myself but not ready to give up! How could I have plans to drive around Australia & not master the bus? So I hired a guy who turned out to be South African which incidentally was the first country I took driving lessons in. He only teaches manuals & boosted my courage with his opening line being that in all his years of teaching, girls are the ones that learn the quickest. Awesome!
I drove with him for a couple of hours & discussed all my concerns. He told me practice, practice, practice.
So I did! 300km down the road to the Riverland which was an awesome trip. (will write more on that later)
Needless to say when it came time to drive here in Sydney I was literally freaking out. There is so much traffic, lots of hills to practice my hill starts on, crazy impatient drivers & I thought for sure I would end our trip just as we were starting it.

Gearing up for our first Roadtrip!

Gearing up for our first Roadtrip!

But my desire to explore is stronger then my fear & when I decided to take the kids 3 hours south to the whitest sand beach in the world (according to the Guinness Book of Records) I just had to overcome & go for it.
Of course of all trips I do on my own the GPS totally screwed with me & took us down Kangaroo Valley Rd & while it’s a beautiful drive its also down a small windy hair pin turning mountain. I had the shakes when I got to the bottom. But we made it!
I found our campsite & it turned out to be absolutely stunning. Set in the bush with hot showers & a couple minutes walk from a beautiful beach.
I cracked a beer & headed off on a hike with the kiddos. Happy that I faced my fears & found a beautiful spot to fully enjoy our bus & the freedom it brings us.

A little reminder I had put on my arm.

A little reminder I had put on my arm.

Spanish Motto: “A life lived in fear is a life half lived.”

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    Well that was a great read amber..cant wait to read more..thanks for sharing.


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