After *seven years of travel (mostly hitchhiking & couchsurfing) to 30+ countries during which I was deeply involved in volunteer projects such as: cooking for children in townships in Africa, dressing up as a clown & making balloons to cheer the kids up in orphanages in Russia, doing crafts & spending time with cancer kids in India,  hosting seminars in Europe & the States to create awareness & raise funds for said projects + so much more… I arrived back in Australia with a backpack & nothing else to my name except for the many memories & my Mexican man! (*a small portion of the timeline has been condensed for simplicity.)

Im the main contributor here on Our Luna Adventures & am by no means a professional writer. Im just very passionate about travel & love sharing tips & tricks for affordable adventures!

Amber Luna

I love adventures of every kind.. and wine, LOTS of wine. 😉


– I am a bilingual (English/Spanish) easy going Pisces muchacho who loves trying new food, lively music, spontaneous laughter and all forms of dance. Since coming to Australia in 2008 I have been involved in the construction industry but was a translator/interpreter/language teacher in my previous life.  I love my Lunas and home for me is wherever our family may be.

peaceful hardworking family man.

I was born in Mexico (lived there the first 27 years of my life) and as a child was exposed to humanitarian work from a very young age as my mother was part of a non-denominational missionary effort. There was a great amount of travel in my childhood all throughout the country (Mexico) as some of her work involved projects with indigenous communities and I believe this may have had something to do with my deep appreciation and connection with the native peoples of Mexico. Like Amber I was also involved in numerous social projects  in my teenage years and although I do not profess a religious faith of any kind the experiences lived as a child did instill in me the desire to connect with others and contribute in some way to our global community. It is likely I may have never left had I not met Amber in 2007 (I’m a lucky guy), but when she invited me to come meet her family in Australia I boarded a plane (for the second time in my entire life) and the rest is as they say history. –

Dakota fishing in Katarapko Creek

Our little man Dakota is fun loving, inquisitive & friendly

UPDATE: Its been roughly seven years, two kids, 3 States, moved house 6 times, did trips to FijiMexico & we are currently into our 2nd year of doing the Big Lap of Oz.

Phoenix on Granite Island

Our little Miss Phoenix is cuddly, independent & quite the dare devil.

* All photos on this website were taken by us (unless stated otherwise) & permission must be obtained to use them.

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Amber Luna

I'm a long term traveller, dedicated mum of 2 & passionate about living life full of adventure. I love living my dreams & helping others live theirs as well. I hope you enjoy our informative journey!

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  1. Isaac David says:

    fantastic idea, although I believe it is way more than an idea by now for all of you and what an amazing journey it will be! Look forward to the updates!

  2. Anaik Alcasas says:

    You beautiful people are such an inspiration!!

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