Learning to Drive a 23ft Bus

When we got the bus I was over the moon. We finally had a way to do The Lap & I couldn’t wait to jump in & go. But I didn’t even sit in the driver seat until I’d done a fair amount of reno’s. Do you know why? Because deep down I was nervous […]

Sick in Mexico

It’s pretty easy to visit the many doctors that are in Mexico. The difficult part is making sure they’re properly certified. Check with your travel insurance company & get their input on which hospitals/doctors are legitimate. Or ask someone you know for a referral. Doctors: Call & make an appointment at a doctors office for […]

Life in Mexico with 2 Kids while The Man is Gone.

We’ve just hit 3 months in Mexico without the kids dad & my other half. When we first talked of doing this I thought 5 months would be a breeze. I’d spent nearly 5 yrs with a FIFO (fly in fly out) hubby & knew all to well what it meant to be alone with […]

I found Love in Mexico

Seeing as its Valentine’s Day & that I find myself in Mexico and my hubby is in Australia I thought I’d take the opportunity to write how the two of us met. It all happened in April 2007. I was 6 years into travelling & was at the time spending 6 months in the USA […]

Coba – an Incredible Mayan Archaeological Site.

When I heard about Mayan ruins in the jungle I knew I had to take the kids to check it out. What fun to explore & a great opportunity to learn more history not only about the Mayans way of life but their architecture as well. I wasn’t sure where it was exactly… just somewhere […]

9 tips when traveling with kidlets in confined spaces

1. Something that works time & time again is pressie wrapping. Basically you buy 5-10 small gifts & wrap them… sometimes in a lot of wrap which makes it doubly exciting & takes longer. The gift need not be big, just something new for them to play with when they get bored. Getting antsy? Pull […]

Alone in Mexico with two kids. Are you crazy?!

These are the questions I’ve heard so far when mentioning our proposed plan for 2014 which is for me & the kids living in Mexico solo for five months. So its Q&A time! Q: Why are you staying alone? A: First of all, we dont feel that being married all of the sudden means you […]

Paperwork + New Requirements = Argh!

I have searched & searched online for every possible way this family trip to Mexico can become a reality (in the cheapest way possible ) without stacking on heaps of extra flight hours or stop overs. So IMO I found a way that not even Flight Centre can beat so I called them up to […]

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