Coba – an Incredible Mayan Archaeological Site.

When I heard about Mayan ruins in the jungle I knew I had to take the kids to check it out. What fun to explore & a great opportunity to learn more history not only about the Mayans way of life but their architecture as well. I wasn’t sure where it was exactly… just somewhere […]

Swim with the Turtles in Akumal

This beach deserves a post all on its own. Not only is it gorgeous but you can swim with the Green Sea Turtles & Stingrays for free! If coming from Playa its a 30 min drive on the 307 towards Tulum. You’ll see plenty of signs on the way. But its on the other side […]

Tulum – No wonder the Mayans Chose this Spot!

We love the beach & we love architecture with interesting history. This is by far the most amazing place where those two aspects come together & you cant help but stand in awe. When you first arrive at the 70 pesos parking area you may be approached by someone from a little information booth. They’ll […]

Monarch Butterflies in El Rosario Michoacán

Years ago when we first bought land in the state of Michoacán (online- we’d never actually been there) I researched extensively all there was to do in the area. I had seen a couple posts about the Monarch Butterflies migrating from Canada & was hooked. Finally in the area we had a chance to see […]

Wanna Swim with the Dolphins? Hell Yeah!

We’ve been wanting to swim with the dolphins for years, but being from Australia its not really a viable option unless you have $700 bucks to throw around (not including photos). So we looked into it in Puerto Vallarta- Mexico & found out its an amazing affordable experience for the whole family, including our 2yr […]

9 tips when traveling with kidlets in confined spaces

1. Something that works time & time again is pressie wrapping. Basically you buy 5-10 small gifts & wrap them… sometimes in a lot of wrap which makes it doubly exciting & takes longer. The gift need not be big, just something new for them to play with when they get bored. Getting antsy? Pull […]

Exploring 1770, Agnes Water & Bororen

You don’t have to go far from wherever you are to find something to do… right?! Just down the road (roughly 100km) from Gladstone QLD is the famous town of 1770 where Captain James Cook made his second landing. It’s a small place, but it has a perfect bay for kids to splash & swim […]

Its the Simple Things..

-This is a combined post of the last two places we’ve enjoyed in the great outdoors. So much beauty surrounds us & the best thing about it? Its completely free!- A couple of weeks back we went exploring & came across this little path that led into the bush called Wild Cattle Walk. We didn’t […]

When Life Gives You Lemons – Go Whale Watching!

At a recent routine dental check up my dentist noticed something abnormal in the x-ray with my sinus cavities. That then led me to the GP which then led to a CT scan. Prognosis: Chronic Sinusitis with a polyp in my left nasal cavity. After calling around to all the specialists in town I discovered […]

Geography & Learning through Cooking

I love traveling, I love talking about traveling & I love inspiring others to travel. Our house has several globes, maps, atlases & our latest find which is this interactive kids map from the National Geographic shop & on sale for only $30! Covering countries, capitals, languages, flags & several games with quizzes. Little D […]

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