Sick in Mexico

It’s pretty easy to visit the many doctors that are in Mexico. The difficult part is making sure they’re properly certified. Check with your travel insurance company & get their input on which hospitals/doctors are legitimate. Or ask someone you know for a referral. Doctors: Call & make an appointment at a doctors office for […]

The Hot Springs of Azufres.. on the COLDEST day in Mexico!

From Morelia just 2 hours away are some natural hot springs. We were on the way to see the Monarch Butterflies & the springs were on the way so we decided to make a slight detour & spend the night Los Azufres We took our time enjoying the drive which is through the mountains with […]

6 Tips to help avoid Montezuma’s Revenge

Otherwise known as travelers diarrhea or the squirts. This subject might make you uncomfortable but if you’re not well traveled then please read on.. it might save you from an extremely common yet embarrassing situation. 1. Don’t order ice! In most places that you would suffer the squirts is a place you can not drink […]

Paperwork + New Requirements = Argh!

I have searched & searched online for every possible way this family trip to Mexico can become a reality (in the cheapest way possible ) without stacking on heaps of extra flight hours or stop overs. So IMO I found a way that not even Flight Centre can beat so I called them up to […]

Protected: Global Dunnies

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