Booderee National Park + Hyams Beach

A couple years back we visited the beach in Jervis Bay. It was a spontaneous trip that left a lasting impression but was too short lived. Now that we have the bus which is nearly self sufficient (only missing a toilet) I started flipping through our Camps7 book looking for a places to stay. We really […]

The Unique Island that is Holbox + a 1000 yr old Tree

Holbox (pronounced Ol-bosh) is quite a well kept secret in these parts. Your main mode of transport are golf buggies with not a single paved road & no high rises to be seen. It really is one of a kind. If you’re driving from Playa del Carmen you take the 307 towards Puerto Morelos. Take […]

Chichén Itzá a Wonder of the World

We drove North past Cancun towards Merida & followed the toll roads & signs to Chichén Itzá. Its a 3 hour drive & relatively easy to find, even with detours, small towns & extremely basic signs. After parking the car for a small fee we made our way to the front desk. It cost 177 pesos […]

Coba – an Incredible Mayan Archaeological Site.

When I heard about Mayan ruins in the jungle I knew I had to take the kids to check it out. What fun to explore & a great opportunity to learn more history not only about the Mayans way of life but their architecture as well. I wasn’t sure where it was exactly… just somewhere […]

Swim with the Turtles in Akumal

This beach deserves a post all on its own. Not only is it gorgeous but you can swim with the Green Sea Turtles & Stingrays for free! If coming from Playa its a 30 min drive on the 307 towards Tulum. You’ll see plenty of signs on the way. But its on the other side […]

5 simple tips when taking trips to save money in Australia

1. Bring your own food to minimise eating out which is quite expensive. We took a pre-cooked meal that I had frozen & defrosted on the way to heat up for our first nights dinner, canned baked beans, eggs, cereal, porridge, heaps of fruit & veg, noodles, soup, canned tuna, crackers, long life milk, pre-made […]

Its the Simple Things..

-This is a combined post of the last two places we’ve enjoyed in the great outdoors. So much beauty surrounds us & the best thing about it? Its completely free!- A couple of weeks back we went exploring & came across this little path that led into the bush called Wild Cattle Walk. We didn’t […]

When Life Gives You Lemons – Go Whale Watching!

At a recent routine dental check up my dentist noticed something abnormal in the x-ray with my sinus cavities. That then led me to the GP which then led to a CT scan. Prognosis: Chronic Sinusitis with a polyp in my left nasal cavity. After calling around to all the specialists in town I discovered […]

Spontanous trip to Cania Gorge

One morning after several hours of doing the most mundane of tasks. Laundry & spring cleaning ugh! I looked at Migs & said “lets get outta here!” I’d already had Cania Gorge on the list for a camping trip but without all the gear we’d put it off. But no more waiting. I called up […]

Affordable day trip to Yeppoon

Two hours north of where we are currently staying is a little town called Yeppoon. We’d heard the resort there does day passes for those who aren’t interested in staying the night. Perfect! We packed the kidlets into the car & headed out at 8am arriving at 10:00. You bypass reception & head down to […]

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