Renting in Playa del Carmen

Bet you’re curious to know what an apartment looks like here in Mexico & more specifically Playa del Carmen. Coming from Australia I sure was! The pics below are something we are renting for roughly 6 months. Its about a 10-15 min drive from 5th Ave… the center of town & tourist hotspot! It suits […]

Silver! Glorious Silver in Taxco!

If you’re a silver lover like me then prepare yourself.. & your bank account. You wont be able to leave without buying at least one lovely item from the approximately 300 shops all overflowing with SILVER coming in all shapes, sizes & designs. We originally intended to visit for just one day but ended up […]

9 tips when traveling with kidlets in confined spaces

1. Something that works time & time again is pressie wrapping. Basically you buy 5-10 small gifts & wrap them… sometimes in a lot of wrap which makes it doubly exciting & takes longer. The gift need not be big, just something new for them to play with when they get bored. Getting antsy? Pull […]

6 Tips to help avoid Montezuma’s Revenge

Otherwise known as travelers diarrhea or the squirts. This subject might make you uncomfortable but if you’re not well traveled then please read on.. it might save you from an extremely common yet embarrassing situation. 1. Don’t order ice! In most places that you would suffer the squirts is a place you can not drink […]

5 simple tips when taking trips to save money in Australia

1. Bring your own food to minimise eating out which is quite expensive. We took a pre-cooked meal that I had frozen & defrosted on the way to heat up for our first nights dinner, canned baked beans, eggs, cereal, porridge, heaps of fruit & veg, noodles, soup, canned tuna, crackers, long life milk, pre-made […]

Airlie Beach, Cedar Creek Falls & Island Hopping!

We headed North from Tannum Sands at four in the morning to Airlie Beach which is in the Whitsunday Region that we’ve heard so much about. I’ve slowly been gathering second hand camping gear for some time & now we were ready to put it to use! We arrived at noon so all up including […]

Dreaming of Doing the Loop

Thoughts about the future come up regularly in conversation between DH & I & something that we’ve wanted to do for some time now is travel around Australia. Ever since I was a kid and watched Bush Tucker Man featuring Major Les Hiddins  I’ve been hoping to explore this amazing country. The points we are […]


BULA! This being the first country we’ve taken the kidlets to I might be kinda bias in my review. That being said.. Fiji is awesome! If there ever was a child friendly island this is it. The people are so sweet & respectful, they really put you at ease. Upon arrival it was warm & […]

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